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Flytec 2011-15A Mini RC Boat 10KM/H Remote Control Boat Blue
Product Details
Brand: Flytec Model Number: 2011-15A(Blue)
Material: Plastic & Electronic Parts Product Name: Mini RC Boat
Color: Blue Transmission: 27MHZ
Power: Dry Battery Battery: 3*1.5V AA (Not Included)
Controller Battery: 2*1.5V AA (Not Included) Control Distance: 10-15m
Product Size: 24*7.9*6.7cm Product Weight: 203g
Package Size: 25x11.4x10.9cm Package Weight: 298.3g
Control Time: 8-12mins Speed: 10km/h
Package List: RC Boat*1, Controller*1, Manual*1 Carton Size: 103x36x56.5cm
PCS/CTN: 60PCS Carton Weight        (G.M/N.M): 19.5/18kg

Flytec 2011-15A Mini RC Boat 10KM/H Remote Control Boat Blue

Blue_2011-15A_Flytec_Mini_ Infrared_Control_Boat_Toy _01.jpgBlue_2011-15A_Flytec_Mini_ Infrared_Control_Boat_Toy__03.jpgBlue_2011-15A_Flytec_Mini_ Infrared_Control_Boat_Toy__02.jpgBlue_2011-15A_Flytec_Mini_ Infrared_Control_Boat_Toy__05.jpgBlue_2011-15A_Flytec_Mini_ Infrared_Control_Boat_Toy__04.jpgBlue_2011-15A_Flytec_Mini_ Infrared_Control_Boat_Toy__06.jpgRed_2011-15A_Flytec_Mini_ Infrared_Control_Boat_Toy_02_12.jpgRed_2011-15A_Flytec_Mini_ Infrared_Control_Boat_Toy_02_11.jpgBlue_2011-15A_Flytec_Mini_ Infrared_Control_Boat_Toy__07.jpgBlue_2011-15A_Flytec_Mini_ Infrared_Control_Boat_Toy__08.jpgBlue_2011-15A_Flytec_Mini_ Infrared_Control_Boat_Toy__09.jpgBlue_2011-15A_Flytec_Mini_ Infrared_Control_Boat_Toy__10.jpg


1.New RC boat, speed up to 10km per hour. 2.High quality guarantees its stable performance. 3.New design idea, novel appearance and exquisite workmanship. 4.Various functions like go forward / backward, turn left and right, can be easily controlled  . 5. Use of dry batteries, can arrange shipping without lithium battery, is unrestricted in export channel.

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