The container can't be buttoned properly after baiting.

Add lubricant to the rod and press it repeatedly.
How to repair it if the container is automatically bounced whenever the switch is turned on?

1. Adjusted by turning on and off of the switch for times
2. Adjust the angle of the swing rod

Why the remote control rod do not rebound to the middle?

Press the upper end of the remote control rod by hand and may solve it by pressing.
How to rematch the controller and the boat?

Long press the left motor accel-decel button, and open the boat, then open the controller.
Why the LED light is not on?

1. Check whether the connection wire of the LED light and circuit board are well connected.
2. Unplug the connection wire and plug it into other place

No response when turn on the switch

1.Check whether the battery is fully charged
2. It may be the poor contact of battery connector in the battery compartment
3. Unscrew the cover to check whether there are bad
interface contact and bad switch contact inside the hull

How to replace the motor?

1.Use a flat-blade screwdriver to remove the motor and the waterproof glue on the bottom of the boat.
2.Install the new motor.
Note: the left motor propeller direction is clockwise and the right motor propeller direction is counterclockwise.
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