Steering Atmosphere Light / Fixed Speed Driving / Yaw Correction /
3 Hoppers / 500M Control / Dual Motor
Flytec V801 500M Intelligent 3 Hoppers Fixed-point Nesting RC Carp Fishing Bait Boat With Dual Motor
Product Details
Model Number: V801 Product Name: 500M 3 Hoppers RC Carp Fishing Bait Boat

Flytec V801 500M Intelligent 3 Hoppers Fixed-point Nesting RC Carp Fishing Bait Boat With Dual Motor

Main Functions:

1. Forward and backward, turn left and turn right

2. Fixed speed driving

3. Yaw correction

4. Three hoppers independently control

5. Bright night light & turn signal lights

6. Wind wave resistance level 7-8

7. hook attach & fishing line sending

8. 500m control distance


1. 2.4G control frequency, the remote control signal is stable

High frequency wireless signal, remote control command can be realized within 500 meters without barriers.

2. Front and rear strong searchlights

Two color lights at the front and back, and two side turn signal lights, improve the vision range of driving at night/in rainy and foggy days, easily identify the sailing direction, and ensure precision nesting.

3.5200Mah large capacity rechargeable battery with strong endurance

Lithium battery charges faster and has larger capacity; Low noise, low energy consumption, 2 hours of continuous sailing.

4. Fixed speed driving

One key to enter the fixed speed driving mode, no need to control, the boat will automatically drive at a constant speed in a straight line, saving time and effort.

5. Built in gyroscope, yaw correction

Built in gyroscope, intelligently correct yaw, and realize sailing at a constand speed, without fear of wind and waves.

6. Double motor, three blade propeller design

Powerful dual power, power-saving and efficient mute, equipped with a three blade propeller to increase underwater thrust and water pumping range,

and equipped with an anti twining protective cover for better driving speed and experience.

7. Upgrade the three hoppers,hook attach & fishing line sending design

With three independently controlled hoppers with a load of about 2 kg. Support fixed point nesting. Also add the hook attach design to the rear silo, which can

be used to send the hook and fishing line, prevent the fish line from winding.

8. Strong wind resistance

The streamline boat hull design,the whole boat is waterproof, which can effectively prevent all kinds of seepage and leakage. Wind wave resistance level 7-8.

Brand: Flytec

Model Number: V801

Item name: 500M 3 Hoppers Carp Fishing RC Bait Boat

Color: Black
Material: ABS Plastic Bost Hull

Charge Time: 4 hours

Control Time: 2 hours
Control Distance: 500m
Speed: 10KM/H
Controller Battery: 2*1.5V AA Battery (Not Included)
Boat Battery: 7.4V 5200 mAh

Product Size: 49*26.4*28.1cm

Product Weight: 2030.6g(5200mah Version); 2128.1g(12000mah Version)

Packing Information:

Box Package

Package Size: 53.5*32*26cm

Package Weight:   2950g(5200mah Version); 3000g(12000mah Version)

Pakage Weight:

Carton Information:


Carton Size: 55.5*53.5*34cm

G.W/N.W(KGS): 7.3/5.9

CBM: 0.101

Package List:

Bait Boat*1, Controller*1,Charger*1,Battery*1,Manual*1,Screw*1,Propellers * 2

V801 3仓打窝船白底图2.jpgV801 3仓打窝船白底图4.jpgV801 3仓打窝船白底图5.jpgV801 3仓打窝船白底图3.jpgV801遥控器-3.jpgV801遥控器-2.jpgV801单电清单图-2.jpg


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