Steering Atmosphere Light / Fixed Speed Driving / Yaw Correction /
LCD Screen Power Display / Low Battery Reminder / Lost Control Reminder
Flytec V700 Latest 500M Dual Hoppers Bait Boat With Cool Turning Light Constant Speed Cruise Mode
Product Details
Model Number: V700(Black) Product Name: Bait Boat With Cool Turning Light

Flytec V700 Latest 500M Dual Hoppers Bait Boat With Cool Turning Light Constant Speed Cruise Mode

This affordable bait boat is perfect for those who enjoy fishing and RC boat sailing! The Flytec V700 has features rarely seen on the market, with cool steering

atmosphere light on both side of the boat, making fishing in the dark without any hindrance. Integrated into the cruise control function, release your hands and

make fishing easier.With our fishing bait boat, there is no limit of your number of catches. Flytec V700- very affordable,functional and useful bait boat for fishing


Main Functions:

Forward / Backward / Left turn / Right turn / Independently Controlled Double Hoppers / Steering atmosphere light / Fixed speed driving / Bright LED Night Light / 500M Control Distance / 1.5KG Bait Load Capacity / Yaw Correction / LCD Screen Power Display / Low Battery Reminder / Lost Control Reminder


1. Made of ABS engineering materials by injection molding

The boat hull is mainly made of ABS engineering material by one-time injection molding, which has super impact resistance and wear resistance, and strong wind and wave resistance.

2. Steering atmosphere light/searchlight design to enhance the adaptability for nighttime use

The steering lights on both sides of the boat have corresponding red light prompts according to the steering command of the remote control, so the operator can

identify the boat's steering according to the lights; in the case of long-distance use, the bright searchlight is convenient for users to identify the sailing direction of the boat.

3. Fixed speed auto driving

Free your hands, and achieve a straight line at a constant speed to reach the dens you specify. The operation is time-saving and labor-saving.

4. Large capacity rechargeable battery

The lithium battery charges faster and has a larger capacity. The battery compartment is located in the middle of the hull, which can play a good role in balancing

and stabilizing, and has better performance; the battery compartment is enlarged to accommodate two 5200mAH batteries, and the battery life is doubled.

5. Realize 500M long range control distance

Unobstructed range environment can achieve 500 meters remote control, stable signal.

6. Dual motor with protect cover design

Powerful dual motors, with the protect cover design, can effectively prevent the interference of water plants and other debris on the propeller.

7. Automatically correct yaw

The built-in gyroscope automatically corrects the motor speed to ensure that the boat can sail in a straight line under wind, waves and load;

8. Double hoppers design

You can control the fixed-point nesting at will, which is especially important in the fishing environment with vast waters! Two independent hoppers, which can be operated independently,

with a load capacity of about 1.5 kg.

9. Strong wind resistance

The single streamline hull design, the whole boat is waterproofed, which can effectively prevent all kinds of leakage problem, can drive as usual under 3-4 level winds.

10. Strong battery life

Low noise, low energy consumption, 2 hours of continuous sailing.

11. Easy to carry

Body handle design for easy portability.

12. Low battery reminder

The LCD screen of the remote control displays the power of the boat and the remote control. When the boat is low in power,the light of the boat will flashes, the

remote control will intermittently emit a "di-di" alarm sound, reminding the user to recall the boat and replace the battery, so as to avoid the loss of control of the boat.

13. Lost contact reminder

When the environment signal is unstable, the boat icon on the display will disappears, reminding the operator that the boat is out of control,the boat needs to be

recalled as soon as the signal is stable.

Brand: Flytec

Model Number: V700

Item name: RC Bait Boat With Cool Turning Light
Color: Black
Material: ABS Plastic Bost Hull

Charge Time: 4 hours

Control Time: 2 hour
Control Distance: 500m
Speed: 5.4KM/H
Controller Battery: 4*1.5V AA Battery (Not Included)
Battery: 7.4V 5200 mAh

Product Size: 53.5*26.5*17cm

Product Weight: 2000g

Package Information:

Colorbox Packaged

Package Size: 57.5*32.5*25cm

Package Weight:2848g

Carton Information:


Carton Size: 59*53*34cm

Carton Weight (G.W/N.W): 6.9/5.7kg


Package List:

Bait Boat*1,


Charger(EU/US/UK Plug for selection)*1,

Adaptor plug,



Controller Stick *2,

Screw *1,

Rope *1,

propeller *2,

Two Separate Containers Fixed parts*6



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