Forward / Backward / Left Turn / Right Turn / Two Lighting Mode / Low power reminder / Water Sensor
V555 Glow At Night LED Lighting RC Racing Boat High Speed Fast Yacht Creative Toys Gifts For Kids
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Model Number: V555(Green) Product Name: Glow At Night LED Lighting RC Racing Boat

V555 Glow At Night LED Lighting RC Racing Boat High Speed Fast Yacht Creative Toys Gifts For Kids


1. New technology ensures more durable use

The upper and lower boat hull are integrated with ultrasonic technology, which is more good-looking and double the waterproof effect.

2. Cool LED lighting effects

Use a transparent boat cover with red, blue and green LED strips under the cover to optimize lighting and make your boat more unique and attractive. Drive

unobstructed at night and enjoy the fun of night racing.

3.2.4Ghz frequency

The smart 2.4Ghz long distance remote control and featured with non-interference, multiple RC boats can race at the same time within the range of 50m.

4. Low battery reminder

When the voltage is too low, the light of the boat flashes quickly, and the remote control emits a "beep" sound, reminding the user to recall the boat without

worrying about the risk of losing the boat.

5. Water sensor switch, which is safer to use

Humanized safety design, the water sensor device at the bottom of the boat needs to touch the water to start the engine, which effectively prevents scratches and

is safer for children to use.

6. The latest creative water toys

Dual light modes can be switched at will, flashing/steady on mode, making water games more fun, this is an ideal birthday/Christmas/Halloween gift for



Forward/backward/turn left/turn right, water sensor switch, Low battery reminder, dual-mode night light (flashing/steady on)

Brand: Flytec

Model Number: V555

Item name:   RC Racing Boats With Bright LED Light Effect

For Age: 14+

Remote controller: 2.4Ghz
Color: Green
Material: ABS Plastic

Charge Time: 2-3 hours

Control Time: 60 mins

Control distance: 50m

Speed: 15KM/H
Controller Battery: 1.5V AA * 2(not included)
Boat Battery: 3.7V 1000MAH(Built-in lithium battery)

Product Size: 26*8.5*9cm

Product Weight:415g

Package Information:
Colorbox+Blister Package

Package Size: 36.5*17*10.5cm

Package Weight: 620g

Carton Information:

Carton Size: 42*37.5*52cm

G.W./N.W.: 8.4/7.5KGS

CBM: 0.082

Package List:

1*Lighting Boat,

1*Remote Control,

1*RC Boat Battery,

1*USB Charging Cable,

1*Instruction Manual,

2*Spare blade,


Flytec_V555_Green_2.4GHz_Racing_RC_Boats_15KMH_Transparent Cover_Bright LED Light Effect_01.jpgFlytec_V555_Green_2.4GHz_Racing_RC_Boats_15KMH_Transparent Cover_Bright LED Light Effect_02.jpgFlytec_V555_Green_2.4GHz_Racing_RC_Boats_15KMH_Transparent Cover_Bright LED Light Effect_03.jpgFlytec_V555_Green_2.4GHz_Racing_RC_Boats_15KMH_Transparent Cover_Bright LED Light Effect_04.jpgFlytec_V555_Green_2.4GHz_Racing_RC_Boats_15KMH_Transparent Cover_Bright LED Light Effect_05.jpgFlytec_V555_Green_2.4GHz_Racing_RC_Boats_15KMH_Transparent Cover_Bright LED Light Effect_06.jpgFlytec_V555_Green_2.4GHz_Racing_RC_Boats_15KMH_Transparent Cover_Bright LED Light Effect_07.jpgFlytec_V555_Green_2.4GHz_Racing_RC_Boats_15KMH_Transparent Cover_Bright LED Light Effect_08.jpgFlytec_V555_Green_2.4GHz_Racing_RC_Boats_15KMH_Transparent Cover_Bright LED Light Effect_09.jpgFlytec_V555_Green_2.4GHz_Racing_RC_Boats_15KMH_Transparent Cover_Bright LED Light Effect_10.jpgFlytec_V555_Green_2.4GHz_Racing_RC_Boats_15KMH_Transparent Cover_Bright LED Light Effect_11.jpgFlytec_V555_Green_2.4GHz_Racing_RC_Boats_15KMH_Transparent Cover_Bright LED Light Effect_12.jpg




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