Speed Adjustment / Baiting / Pulling net / Send hook / Low Battery Reminder / Over Distance Warning
Flytec V300 Double 540 Motors 15Km/h Speed 300M Remote Controlled Decoying And Pulling Net Bait Boat
Product Details
Model Number: V300(Red) Product Name: 300M Remote Controlled Decoying And Pulling Net Bait Boat

Flytec V300 Double 540 Motors 15Km/h Speed 300M Remote Controlled Decoying And Pulling Net Bait Boat Toy Boat

Product Function:

Forward, Backward, Left and right turn, Speed adjustment, Baiting,Pulling net,Send hook, Low battery reminder, Over distance warning, LED light


1. 300ML baiting capacity, send hook, pull net (length 60 * width 1.5 meters), entertainment and multi-functional integration.

2. The top / stern night navigation lights, the controller can be turned on and off, and at night it can be used to illuminate and identify the direction.

3. The boat is provided with a bidirectional low voltage prompt (the boat lights flash / the controller "drops drops").

4. The controller will automatically power off and sleep after 5 minutes, the controller will save more power.

5. Speed-limit cruise, gun type controller can freely adjust speed and route.

6. Equipped with two 540 high-power drive motors and a 310 multi-level drive baiting motor.

7. High current stuck protection function, can effectively protect all electrical components.

8. Over distance warning, the controller will alarm when the   control distance is exceeded (the signal light flashes).

9. Tumbler design, after capsize can be automatically corrected by the weight of the boat.

10. Add bait through the hull rear wing inlet, the capacity of the bait bin is larger, and the bottom of the boat is quieter.

11. The hull is equipped with a power detection system, which can instantly grasp the battery power.

12. Adopt multi-layer waterproof backpack + kraft paper printing box packaging.

13. Multiple units can operate at the same time without signal interference.


Brand: Flytec

Model Number: V300

Item name: Remote Controlled Decoying And Pulling Net Bait Boat

Remote controller: 2.4Ghz
Color: Red
Material: ABS & Electronic Part

Charge Time: 6-7 hours

Control Time: 2 hours
Control Distance: 300m
Speed: 15KM/H

Silo Capacity:300ML

Controller Battery: 4*1.5V AA Battery (Not Included)
Battery: 7.4V 7800mAh(bulit-in)

Product Weight: 1960g(boat+controller)

Product Size: 39.7*14.5*15cm

Package Information:
Package Size: 43.5*20.5*26cm

Package Weight:2920g

Carton Information:


Packaging method:Backpack+Color box

Carton Size: 44.5*43*55cm


Package List:

1*Boat ,

1*Controller ,

1*Charger ,

1*Battery ,

2*Spare propeller ,

2*Spare propeller nut ,

1*Wrench ,

1*1.2 * 10M fishing net




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