500M Control Distance / 2KG Bait Loading / 4 Fishing Grounds / 160 GPS Anchor Points / Auto Return / Self-luminous
Flytec V060 Multi-fishing Ground 160 Anchor Point GPS Auto Return Intelligent RC Fishing Bait Boat
Product Details
Model Number: V060(Green) Product Name: Multi-fishing Ground 160 Anchor Point GPS Bait Boat

Flytec V060 Multi-fishing Ground 160 Anchor Point GPS Auto Return Intelligent RC Fishing Bait Boat

Main Functions:

1. Forward and backward, left turns and right turns

2. Cruise control

3. Automatic correction of yaw

4. Fine adjustment of motor speed

5. Large capacity bait tank

6. 500M control distance

7. Low battery reminder

8. Fish hook and line attach design

9. Two lighting modes (constant on/flashing)

10. Dual power cord, Supports dual battery uninterrupted power supply

11. Double high brightness night navigation lights at the bow and steering signal lights at the tail

12. Controller LCD display screen, easy to operate

13. Beidou Intelligent Calibration System

14. Can set up 4 fishing grounds and 160 fishing points

15. One click return/low battery return/lost contact return/Over distance return

16. Fluorescent green - absorbs light sources during the day and will self emit in dark environments


1. Stable remote control signal, controllable distance of 500 meters

High frequency wireless system, more stable signal. Truly achieving a remote control distance of 500 meters.

2. Front and rear bright Searchlight

Two front white light and two rear blue light turn signal lights enhance the range of nighttime driving vision, and making it easy to distinguish the direction of navigation and ensure fixed-point nesting.

3. Dual power cables, double battery life

Dual power cables,Supports dual battery uninterrupted power supply, doubling battery life.

4. Cruise control

One click achieve the boat sailing at a straight line at contant speed, simple operation, time-saving and labor-saving, and the navigation direction can be adjusted.

5. Dual motor, three blade propeller design

Powerful dual power motor system, silent operation, without disturbing fish. Upgraded efficient three blade propeller provides strong power and faster speed.

6. Large capacity bait tank with hook attached design

Large capacity bait tank, with a loading capacity of about 2 kg (4.4 pounds), can be used for fixed nesting. At the same time, the rear silo is equipped with hook attached design, which can send hooks and release lines for efficient fishing.

7. Strong wind resistance

Single streamlined boat hull design, with waterproof treatment for the entire boat, can effectively prevent various seepage and water leakage phenomena, and can continue to operate under 7-8 level winds.

8. Automatic correction of yaw

Built-in automatic balance system, which can help to automatically correct the yaw and ensure that the boat keeps driving straight under the wind/waves and load.

9. Low battery reminder

When the boat is in a low power state, the remote control will emit a warning tone to prevent boat loss.

10. Speed adjustment

Motor speed can be fine tuned to correct yaw.

11. Remote control LCD display screen

The LCD screen of the remote control displays information such as boat power/remote control power, lights, compass, sailing derection, and sailing distance. Clear and intuitive, easy to operate.

12. Over distance/low battery/weak signal/loss of contact automatic return

When the boat sails out of a 500 meter range / the boat in low power / the environmental signal is unstable or the remote control power is turned off, the boat will automatically return to the origin.

13. 4 fishing grounds, 160 positioning points/one click cruise

Beidou/GPS dual satellites positioning system, can set up 4 fishing grounds, each grounds with 40 memory positioning points. A total of 160 positioning points storage capacity, starting from the starting point, to achieve automatic cruise to the destination.

14. Large capacity storage bag for convenient transportation

Equipped with a storage bag, the large capacity can accommodate bait boats, remote controls, fishing bait, fish finder, etc. It can be carried by hand/diagonally/backpack, making outdoor fishing more convenient.

Brand: Flytec

Model Number: V060

Item name: Multi-fishing Ground 160 Anchor Point GPS Bait Boat

Color: Green (Self-luminous)

Frequency: 2.4Ghz

Load Capacity: 2kg / 4.4lbs

Material: ABS Plastic & Electronic parts

Charge Time: 7.4V 5200mAh-6h / 7.4V 12000mAh-8h / 7.4V 18000mAh-10h

Control Time: 7.4V 5200mAh-2h   / 7.4V 12000mAh-4h / 7.4V 18000mAh-6h

Control Distance: 500m
Speed: 250M/Mins

Fishing Ground: 4

Anchor Points: 160

Controller Battery: 4*1.5V AA Battery (Not Included)
Boat Battery: 7.4V 5200mAh/12000mAh/18000mAh (optional)

Product Size: 51.4*26.4*29.5cm / 20.2*10.4*11.6inch

Bait Tank Size:16.9*15.8*6cm/6.7*6.2*2.4inch

Battery Compartment Size: 12.1*6.1*8cm / 4.8*2.4*3.1inch

Packing Information:

Box Package

Package Size: 53*31.5*26cm

Pakage Weight:

Carton Information:


Carton Size: 55*54.5*33.5cm

Package List:

Bait Boat * 1, boat battery * 1, remote control * 1, remote control lever * 2, remote control hanging rope * 1, charging cable * 1, manual * 1, spare propeller * 2, Storage bag * 1


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