Automatic Navigation / Large Capacity Battery / Dual Powerful Motor / Large Capacity Bait Hopper
Flytec V030 500M Fishing Tool Smart RC Bait Boat Toy 18000mAh Battery Dual Motor Fish Finder Boat
Product Details
Model Number: V030 Product Name: Fishing Tool Smart RC Bait Boat

Flytec V030 500M Fishing Tool Smart RC Bait Boat Toy 18000mAh Battery Dual Motor Fish Finder Boat


1.[RC Remote Control]

Throwing bait at a designated location, 500M remote range makes it possible to release bait far into the lake, river, reservoir and sea where fishes is gathering.

It no longer

receives the restraint of the line, and enjoys the convenience of unlimited technology.
2.[Fixed Speed Cruise]

The fixed speed drive function of the waterproof bait boat can help the boat travel directly at a constant speed and prevent it from driving out. Through the

automatic balance adjustment function, the driving direction can be effectively controlled, so that the boat can drive straight.

3.[Heavy Loading]

Featuring large-capacity bait tank and its load capacity is up to 1.5 kg. A good choice and a convenient tool for fishing by river, lakes or shallow waters.
4.[Night Indicator Light]

The remote-controlled bait boat has 5 night flight indicator light. The indicator light helps anglers or fishermen to better distinguish the sailing direction during

night operation,and the indicator light attracts fish. Can meet the needs of fisherman or anglers who work at night.

5.[Good Helper for Fishing]

The remote control bait-spreading boat will help you attract more fish. It is a good helper for fishing enthusiasts and even more important for novices.

Brand: Flytec

Model Number: V030

Place of Origin: China
Product name:Smart RC Bait Boat Toy
Material: ABS Plastic
Function: Delivering Fishing Bait and fishing hooks
Control Distance: 500meters
Package: Carton Box
Batteries 7.4V 18000mAh
Load Capacity 1.5 Kg

Using Time:8 Hours

Product Size:49*27*16cm


Additional features:Fixed speed sailing

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