Self-Righting / Water Jet Driving / Speed Control / Left&Right Trim / Low Battery Warning
Flytec V008 35KM Super High Speed RC Jet Boat With Self-righting Feature For Pool and Lakes Red
Product Details
Model Number: V008(Red) Product Name: 35KM/H High Speed RC Jet Boat

Flytec V008 35KM Super High Speed RC Jet Boat With Self-righting Feature For Pool and Lakes Red


1. Strong material

The boat hull is made of strong materials, strong and firm,not easy to be broken.

2. Excellent waterproof performance

Streamlined boat hull design, the whole boat is waterproofed to avoid water ingress into the boat.

3. 2.4G remote control Frequency

The boat uses 2.4G remote control transmission signal, simple and stable operation, and can support multiple people to compete at the same time.

4. Turbo jet driving

Using turbine water jet as the power to drive the boat forward, the power is stable and fast.

5. Low battery warning

When the boat is low in battery, the red indicator light flashes continuously,to remind player drive back the boat to charge.

6. Remote control Trim

When playing the boat,can use the trim button on the remote to adjust the steering and speed of the boat,which will have more exciting experience.

7. Self-righting

When the turbojet vessel is turned over, press and hold the reset button on the upper left corner until the boat is turned over, then release the button.

8. Multiple   Sricker   Included

Comes with white colored hulls and two different color sticker, so you can personalize your boat.


Forward / backward / left turn / right turn


Water jet driving

Speed Control

Left/Right Trim

Low battery warning

Brand: Flytec

Model Number: V008(Red)

Item name: 35KM/H High Speed RC Jet Boat
Remote controller: 2.4Ghz
Color: Red
Material: 35KM/H High Speed RC Jet Boat

Charge Time: 2-3 hours

Control Time: 15 mins

Control distance: 100m

Speed: 35KM/H
Controller Battery: 1.5V AA*4(not included)
Battery: 7.4V 1500MAH

Product Weight: 720g

Product Size: 33.3*12*8cm

Package Information:

Colorbox Packaged

Package Size: 38*31*12cm

Package List:

1*RC Jet boat,  

1*Remote control,

1*boat battery,

1*USB charging cable,


2*Stickers(Red, Blue),

1*Accessories(No.1 screw*2, No.2 screw*2, 1.5mm Allen wrench*1, Inner hexagon screw*1)


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