Flytec V006 30km/h Fast Speedboat with Transparent Cover Cool LED Lighting Effect for Adults Kids
Product Details
Model Number: V006(Blue) Product Name: Fast Speedboat with Lighting Effect

Flytec V006 30km/h Fast Speedboat with Transparent Cover Cool LED Lighting Effect for Adults Kids


1. Built in LED 7-colors light strip, Freely switching of 5 lighting demo modes.

2. Automatic reset function, if the boat capsizes accidentally,can achieved one click reset through the remote control,fearless of wind, waves, and rocks.

3. One click demonstration function, one click "8" font automatic demonstration.

4. Cruise control at a constant speed, achieving straight and uniform driving without the need for control, simple operation, time-saving and labor-saving.

5. Equipped with a super powerful 370 brush motor, with a speed of up to 30Km/h, ensuring smooth and high-speed operation of the boat on the water. The circulating water cooling device protects the motor and is more durable.

6. Three speed adjustment,can freely adjust driving speed.

7. 7.4V 1200MAH ultra large capacity battery, providing long control time of 30 minutes.

8. Low power alarm,when the boat has low power, the remote control emits a sound to remind the user.

9. Over distance alarm, the remote control will alarm If the remote control distance is exceeded.

10. 2.4Ghz control frequency, remote control distance up to 150 meters, supports simultaneous competitive operation of multiple ships, with non interfering signals.

11. Steering fine adjustment, which can adjust the direction of the boat's travel through the remote control to repair yaw.

12. Water-Sensing Protection, for the safety concerns, only when the RC boat contacts the water will it starts the engine, which is safer for kids to operate.


Forward/backward/left turn/right turn, 7-colors LED Lights, 5 Cool Lighting Mode, Capsize Recovery, Auto Demo, Cruise Control, 30Km/h High Speed,

Water Cooling Device, 3 Speed Adjustment, Low-battery Warning, Over-distance Warning, Steering Fine Adjustment, Water-Sensing Protection

Brand: Flytec

Model Number: V006

Item name:   Fast Speedboat with Lighting Effect

For Age: 14+

Remote controller: 2.4Ghz
Color: Transparent Blue

Material: ABS Plastic

Charge Time: 3 hours

Control Time: 30 mins

Control distance: 150m

Speed: 30KM/H
Controller Battery: 1.5V AA * 2(not included)
Boat Battery: 7.4V 1200MAH(Built-in lithium battery)

Motor Type: 370 brushed motor

Product Size: 35*9.2*9.2cm

Package Information:
Colorbox+Blister Package

Package Size: 36.5*17.7*18.5cm

Package Weight: 1048g

Carton Information:

Carton Size: 55.5*37.5*58cm

Carton Weight (G.W/N.W): 10.5/9.4kg

CBM: 0.082

Package List:

RC Boat (including battery)*1, Controller*1, USB Cable*1, Instruction*1, Spare Propeller*1, Hexagonal Wrench*1




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