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Flytec V500 500M Control Distance Upgrade Version of 2011-5 Bait Fishing RC Boat
Product Details
Model Number: V500 Product Name: Bait Fishing Boat Upgrade Version

Flytec V500 500M Control Distance Upgrade Version of 2011-5 Bait Fishing RC Boat with Full Scale Controller

The upgraded version of the 2011-5 bait fishing boat is equipped with a full-scale gun remote controller, full-scale throttle and full-scale steering functions, the bait fishing boat is more flexible and convenient to control.   2.4GHz remote control frequency, remote control distance as high as 500 meters, less interference in water, remote control is more stable.   This product is equipped with backpack, making it easier to carry around.


1. Boat body adopts high quality ABS material to inject molding, more stable and firm which can againt the stong wind and wave, great outlook,exquisite workmanship and quality.

2. Double motors, huge loading Two separate bait tanks which can be controlled separately.

3. Super large capacity baits tank,weight is 1.5kg.

4. 500M remote control distance without the interference, signal is more stable under the clear environment.

5. Great value, low noise, high performance with affordable price.

6. Waterproof battery power display, accurate, considerate indicator.

7. Streamlined boat back design for higher speed, wind waves resistance.

8. Front LED light design, convenient night version, effective fish attracting.

9. High capacity Lithium battery, which is put into the middle of the boat body and more stable, can be charged more fastly and more power.

10. The propeller cover can prevent the water grass from twinning.

11. V500 is equipped with handbag, making it easier to carry around.

Controller Features:

1. Gun style remote controller: Realize one-handed control, easy to operate without difficulty.

2. 2.4GHZ transmission: Anti-interference, remote control distance can reach 500 meters.

3. Three power supply modes: 1.5V A * 4 Dry Battery / USB Power Port / Lithium Battery Socket (any interface form of any lithium battery, as long as the battery size and interface size are applicable).

4. Low power alarm of remote controller: When the remote controller is predicted to be disconnected from the ship, the remote controller can be driven back safely in advance, thus effectively avoiding the trouble of product loss or salvage.

5. Throttle direction / steering direction can be switched:

The direction of throttle and steering control can be switched according to the usage habits of users, thus being more suitable for people.

6. Throttle sensitivity fine adjustment / steering fine adjustment:

During use, the navigation of the ship will be affected by the on-site environment (water surface wave degree, wind speed and other factors), and the navigation direction can be quickly and accurately adjusted by using fine adjustment keys for the adjustment of motor differential speed.

7. Forward, backward and steering proportional speed change:

Realize different needs and experiences of sailing speed.

Controller Power Supply:

1. Dry Battery (1.5V A * 4 used continuously for about 1 hour)

2. Lithium Battery (Any plug and model an be used)

3. Emergency Android Charging Port (Connect Power Bank / Computer)

Brand: Flytec

Model Number: V500

Item name: Bait Fishing Boat
Remote controller: 2.4Ghz
Color: Black
Material: ABS & Electronic Part

Charge Time: 4 hours

Control Time: 2 hour
Control Distance: 500m
Speed: 5.4KM/H
Controller Battery: 4*1.5V AA Battery (Not Included)
Battery: 7.4V 5200MAH

Product Weight: 2048g

Product Size: 55*27*17cm

Package Information:

Colorbox Packaged

Package Size: 65*30*19.5cm

Package Weight:3906g

Carton Information:


Carton Size: 67*42*63cm

Carton Weight (G.M/N.M): 16.74/15.44kg

CBM/CTN: 0.1773

Package List:

Boat *1,

Remote controller *1,

Charger *1,

Remote control boat battery *1 (installed in the cabin can not be removed),

Manual *1,

Spare accessory kit*1 (screw*3, nut*2, hopper blade*2, propeller*2),



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