360 Degree Rotation Flight / Air Pressure Fixed / Gesture Sensing / Automatic Obstacle Avoidance / Collision Resistance / Colorful,Bright lights
Flytec H09NL Intelligent Altitude Hold Hand Control Multi Directions induction UFO Flying Ball
Product Details
Model Number: H09NL Product Name: Altitude Hold Hand Control Flying Ball Drone With LED Light

Flytec H09NL Intelligent Altitude Hold Hand Control Multi Directions Induction

UFO Flying Ball Drone With Light

Product Function:

1.360 degree rotation flight

2.Air pressure fixed

3.Gesture sensing

4.Automatic obstacle avoidance

5.Collision resistance

6.Colorful and bright LED lights


1. Multiple infrared sensor devices, multi-directional automatic obstacle avoidance

2. Pushing in four directions, multiplayer interaction is more fun

3. 360 degree omnidirectional rotating flight experience

4. High tough material protection body, soft guardrail, anti-collision and fall, more durable

5. Body guardrail design, avoid finger scratches, safer

5. Altitude hold, flight stable, gesture sensing, easy to operate

6. Dazzling LED lights, easy to fly at night

7. The body is small and portable, you can bring it wherever you go.

Brand: Flytec

Model Number: H09NL

Item name: Altitude Hold Hand Control Flying Ball Drone With LED Light

Sensor point: 4

Color: White,Red
Material: Plastic+ electronic components

Charge Time: 40 mins

Control Time: 5-6 mins
Control Distance: 10-20 M

Drone Battery: 3.7V/300mah(Li-Po Battery )

Product Size: 11*11*3.8cm

Package Information:

Package Size: 13.5*12*13cm

Colorbox Package

Carton Information:
Carton Size: 85*38*41cm


CBM/CTN: 0.133

Package List:


1*USB Charging Cable



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