2 In 1 / Remote Control / APP Control / Voice Control / Programmable /
Gravity Induction / 360° Rotating Stunt
Flytec 61013 2 In 1 RC Car Robot Vehicle 701PCS Building Block Programmable Building KIT Kids Toy
Product Details
Model Number: 61013 Product Name: DIY 2 In 1 RC Car Robot Vehicle

Flytec 61013 2 In 1 RC Car Robot Vehicle 701PCS Building Block Programmable Building KIT Kids Toy


* 【Two In One Building Blocks】

This building blocks kit contains up to 701 PCS, which can be built into 2 models: standing robot or off-road vehicle. That can give full play to children's hands-on ability and thinking transformation ability.


In addition to the remote control, you can also control it through the voice control, smart remote and gravity sensor in the mobile app which can also be used to

program and edit the path, to give play to children’s creativity, imagination and endless fun of game. You can control the robot to move in all directions

(left, right, forward,backward, and full 360 rotation).

* 【Suitable For Ages 6+】

We have more simple and easy-to-understand color pattern paper manuals and electronic instructions in APP. Older children can build by themselves step by step according to the instructions to

cultivate their ability to complete independently; or play with friends to develop teamwork skills. Younger kids also can have fun under the guidance of adults,while promoting parent-child relationship.

* 【Safe & Durable & Cool Designed】

Our building blocks are made of BPA-free and non-toxic, child-friendly materials. Smooth edges without barbs, which are safe for your children,

so you can choose it without any worries. It can also make your children learn while having fun, and your children will love this playful toys.

* 【2.4GHz Technology】

Our products use 2.4 GHz automatic opposite technology, features fast response and acceleration, simple operation. Available for any occasion, such as birthday,

Christmas, end of school or Children's day etc..If you are looking for a creative, playful or extra cool toy, it will be your satisfactory choice.


Brand: Flytec

Model Number: 61013
Material: Plastic & Electronic Parts
Transmission: 2.4GHz
Age Range: >6 years old
Power: Battery
Charging Time: 90mins
Playing Time: 30mins
Educational Objective: Team Building Skills, Creative Thinking
Main Function:Gravity induction control/APP control/Voice Control/Remote Control/programmable
Product Size: 14*20*23 cm(Robot) ; 20*22.5*14cm(Car)
Number of Pieces: 701PCS

Package Information:
Package box:Color box
Package Size: 35*7*25cm

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