Flytec 150A 1/14 2.4G 2WD High Speed Off-road RC Car Racing Remote Control Toys Car Orange
Product Details
Model Number: 150A(Orange) Product Name: 2WD 1/14 Muscle Semi-high Speed RC Car

Flytec 150A 1/14 2.4G 2WD High Speed Off-road RC Car Racing Remote Control Toys Car Orange

This 1:14 high speed car,  with two cool colors, smooth body design, subverting the appearance of the traditional climbing car, more like the shape of the car, with great power, speed of 20km / h. The non-slip tires have great grip and can adapt to different roads and travel at high speed.


1. With strong power, two-wheel drive remote control vehicle, equipped with high-speed motors,the speed can reach 20 kilometers per hour.

2. The anti-collision protection design of the car body can reduce the impact.

3. Off-road tires with deep tread can provide strong grip and conquer all kinds of ground.

4. Using gun remote control, 2.4 GHz remote control, sensitive response, stable remote control signal.

5. Blue and orange are optional, cool body design, can be used as model decoration when not in use.

Brand: Flytec

Model Number: 150A

Item name: Off-road RC Car
Remote controller: 2.4Ghz
Color: Orange
Material: ABS & Electronic Part

Charge Time: 70-100mins

Control Time: 25-30mins
Control Distance: 60-70m
Speed: 20KM/H
Controller Battery: 3*1.5V AA Battery (Not Included)
Battery: 6V  600MAH

Product Weight: 880g

Product Size: 30*18.5*13cm

Package Information:
Package Size: 41*23*18.5cm

Package Weight: 1340g

ColorBox Package

Carton Information:
Carton Size: 71*42*57cm


CBM/CTN: 0.17

Package List:

RC Car*1


USB Cable*1


Flytec_SL-150A_2WD_OFF-ROAD_RC_CAR (1).jpgFlytec_SL-150A_2WD_OFF-ROAD_RC_CAR (2).jpgFlytec_SL-150A_2WD_OFF-ROAD_RC_CAR (3).jpgFlytec_SL-150A_2WD_OFF-ROAD_RC_CAR (4).jpgFlytec_SL-150A_2WD_OFF-ROAD_RC_CAR (5).jpgFlytec_SL-150A_2WD_OFF-ROAD_RC_CAR (6).jpgFlytec_SL-150A_2WD_OFF-ROAD_RC_CAR (7).jpgFlytec_SL-150A_2WD_OFF-ROAD_RC_CAR (8).jpgFlytec_SL-150A_2WD_OFF-ROAD_RC_CAR (9).jpgFlytec_SL-150A_2WD_OFF-ROAD_RC_CAR (10).jpgFlytec_SL-150A_2WD_OFF-ROAD_RC_CAR (11).jpgFlytec_SL-150A_2WD_OFF-ROAD_RC_CAR (12).jpgFlytec_SL-150A_2WD_OFF-ROAD_RC_CAR (13).jpgFlytec_SL-150A_2WD_OFF-ROAD_RC_CAR (14).jpgFlytec_SL-150A_2WD_OFF-ROAD_RC_CAR (15).jpgFlytec_SL-150A_2WD_OFF-ROAD_RC_CAR (16).jpgFlytec_SL-150A_2WD_OFF-ROAD_RC_CAR (17).jpgFlytec_SL-150A_2WD_OFF-ROAD_RC_CAR (18).jpgFlytec_SL-150A_2WD_OFF-ROAD_RC_CAR (19).jpg

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